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Our experienced team of family law professionals advise clients on a broad range of legal matters, from the straightforward to the complex.

When our clients require assistance from other professionals, our deep network of contacts enables us to direct them to the best people available to meet their needs and reach the best outcome. Our network of professionals includes specialist lawyers, barristers, counsellors, health professionals, mediators, valuation experts and accountants.
Our solicitors have the skills necessary to represent our clients in all forms of dispute resolution, ranging from informal conferences through to appearing in Court, either with or without counsel.
Gayle Meredith & Associates is able to promptly prepare the necessary documents to legally formalise agreements reached between clients and their former spouse and with skills which are second to none and to a standard unmatched in the Australian marketplace.

Advice leading up to separation

When contemplating separation from your partner, it is essential that you obtain expert advice to fully understand the legal consequences involved.

Receiving sound and practical advice as early as possible allows our cleints to plan a course of action that will minimise the financial and emotional difficulties that can follow separation. 


Parenting arrangements for children

For those with children a primary concern following a separation are the arrangements made for their children. The consideration of the children's best interests is critical to minimise their the stress and anxiety.

Our legal professionals provide practical and sensitive legal advice in this area. We can assist in negotiating arrangements with your former spouse, and then legally document these agreements. If an agreement is not reached, then we will assist in all ways necessary to obtain a resolution of these issues through the Court structure.

In cases where it is suitable we can direct you to appropriate professionals including mediators to assist in the resolution of these issues.



Individuals who are married and who have been separated from their partner for at least twelve months may make an application to the Federal Magistrates Court to file for divorce.

While this procedure is straightforward in some instances, others require expert advice from an experienced team.

Complex scenarios whereby expert advice is critical include:

  • When the divorcing parties have children;
  • When the divorcing parties were married for less than two years; and
  • If part of the separation period was spent living in the same premises as each other.


De facto and same sex relationships

For unmarried couples including both opposite and same sex partners, who have been living together, it is important to obtain expert advice as to each parties legal rights in the event of separation.

The rights of each party differs dramatically depending on the individual circumstances of the matter.

The Gayle Meredith & Associates team is well placed to provide experienced and expert advice in relation to all aspects of the law relating to de facto relationships.


Child support

Child support laws are complex and change frequently.

No two cases are the same. You may have rights or obligations under the Child Support (Assessment) Act or other related legislation and it is important to obtain expert legal advice to help navigate this difficult area.

Our team can provide essential advice regarding process, what can be expected to be achieved, as well as what can be done to alter child support assessments, orders or agreements.


Property settlements

Our team of solicitors have the qualifications and experience to give superior expert advice in relation to financial matters.

Whether your financial position is straightforward or extremely complex, there is no team of lawyers better equipped to provide you with sensible, practical and expert advice to negotiate the best possible outcome for you in your individual circumstances, or if necessary, prepare for or meet property proceedings in the various Courts.


Spouse maintenance

The prospect of separation makes many people fearful of being unable to financially support themselves, while for others the greater concern surrounds their obligations to provide for their former spouse in the short term and into the future.

Obtaining early advice is essential. Gayle Meredith and Associates can assist to resolve any issues in relation to the provision of short-term maintenance, so that you and your former partner can focus on the longer-term issues.

We are experienced in making urgent applications to Courts when necessary and in assisting clients meet such applications they may face under the Family Law Act.


Documenting settlements

Most couples who separate at some stage thereafter reach agreement in relation to the issues that arise.

It is essential that those agreements be documented property so that you can be confident that, to the extent that it is possible, the arrangements will be final and enforceable, and allow you to move on with your life.

Our team has the skills, experience and efficiency documenting these arrangements as part of consent orders, financial agreements or child support agreements.

We will advise you as to the benefits and weaknesses of each method of documentation given your own particular situation.


Domestic violence

In circumstances of domestic violence of any sort, we can sensitively provide practical legal advice and refer you to other professionals who can assist you with obtaining ongoing protection and deal with the repercussions.

If domestic violence allegations have been made against you, we are able to provide you with representation, advice, guidance and referral to the appropriate experts.


Court proceedings representation

In providing our clients with effective solutions to the resolution of family issues, Gayle Meredith & Associates considers all available options to achieve the best possible outcome.

We provide forward thinking advice to avoid disputes and we assist in and encourage the facilitation of and resolution of disputes.

There are cases when it is not possible to resolve issues and Court proceedings either need to be initiated or need to be met. The solicitors at Gayle Meredith & Associates have advocacy skill and efficiently prepare all documentation required in the course of proceedings.

We will appear at directions hearings, conciliation conferences and interim applications or where appropriate instruct counsel in relation to such applications and at final hearing.


Wills following separation and divorce

Separation or divorce does not invalidate your will. If no updated Will exists following separation, State Laws are such that your death could result in disastrous repercussions which are not in accordance with your wishes.

Gayle Meredith & Associates is able to cost effectively and promptly, prepare an updated will, providing you with peace of mind.


Mediation and Settlement Conferences

Gayle Meredith is a Nationally accredited mediator and can assist in the resolution of a diverse range of issues that fall under the Family Law Act. She is also qualified to deal with less specialised issues between disagreeing parties.

Gayle has mediated family related matters including:

  • Property settlements
  • Parenting arrangements for children
  • Child support issues
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Estate related disputes
  • General disputes following the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship

Gayle is also experienced in providing non-family related dispute mediation including:

  • employment disputes
  • landlord/tenant disputes
  • disputes over business agreements
  • strata disputes
  • disputes between neighbours
  • any other contractual disagreements.